Our Vision

We envision a future where families suffering from the effects of a loved one’s mental illness will no longer suffer alone, finding supportive relationships and practical resources to create a hopeful future for their family.

Our Mission

P82 Homes exists to bring hope, connection, understanding, and practical resources to create a great future for families and their loved one’s suffering from mental illness.





Community Matters

Our Story

Matthew and Deborah Geesling founded P82 Project Restoration in 2015 with the dream of opening homes for those with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). This vision to provide mental health care for those suffering from SMI involved including their families, existing social networks, churches, etc. rather than separating them.

As the Geeslings navigated the mental health care system to find the best possible care for their son, P82 Homes was birthed to provide hope, assistance, and information to other families.

The Geeslings have met countless families over the years who have experienced the despair, confusion, and pain that come from parenting a child suffering from SMI while simultaneously navigating a mental health care system that often unintentionally separates children from their parents and supportive family structures. They have seen hope and healing result from these connections time and time again.
The Geeslings believe strong partnerships between families, the mental health care system, and faith-based communities are essential ingredients for long term success to care for those recovering from SMI.

Our Leadership

Deborah Geesling, President


Deborah lives in Phoenix, AZ and serves families and health care providers across the state. Deborah is the former Chair of the East Valley Behavioral Health Coalition and is a founding member of The Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill (ACMI).

When Deborah began to experience the effects of Serious Mental Illness (SMI) in one of her own children, she took courageous “Momma Bear” action to love her son and navigate a mental health care system that traditionally separated families and left the mentally ill vulnerable to sexual abuse, homelessness, and drug addiction.
As Deborah’s journey with her own son, now in recovery from mental illness, unfolded she discovered ways to bring practical HOPE for families affected by the mental illness of a child that have amplified her voice across America..

By learning ways to navigate the mental health care system and advocate for holistic care and family involvement in the journey of a child’s mental illness, Deborah’s voice has been heard nationwide. She is now an advocate and trusted resource for parents across America who have a child suffering from mental illness. She has been mentioned in several publications for her advocacy and support of those with SMI.

Matthew Geesling, Vice President


Matthew is Division Manager of Technologies with Teamfishel. He has over 35 years’ experience in the Data and Telecommunications Cabling Industry.

Because of the difficulties that Matthew’s family walked through in fighting for resources for their own son, Matthew has developed a passion for caring for the most vulnerable mentally ill. You will often find him handing out care packages to the mentally ill homeless community, buying food, water, and giving the last few dollars in his wallet to help someone in need.

Bob Campbell, Member and Director of Crisis Care Development


Bob’s background includes 48 years in corporate IT and the last ten with a non-profit organization in the Phoenix area. He has been the sole caregiver for his wife with a brain illness for the past 8 years.

Currently he volunteers as a database consultant for a mission agency as well as an adviser to P82 Project Restoration, Inc.
Bob Campbell chairs the Committee tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of Crisis Care Team training for faith groups.

Cynthia Wright, Secretary


Cynthia is a CPA and began her accounting career in the audit practice at Coopers and Lybrand and later PricewaterhouseCoopers. She was Controller for two Arizona manufacturing firms as well as Accounting Director for an international Christian non-profit organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. Presently, she shares her accounting expertise as a volunteer with various organizations including P82. Cynthia is married to Mr. Wright and has two college bound teenagers.

Richard Mihalik, Member


Currently retired, happily married for 8 years, with 7 children, 15 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Richard has worked in Business Administration and Management his entire career. While attending Seton Hall University, Richard worked part-time during nights and weekends over a two-year period as a Counselor for young boys at a county-run children’s home and shelter. This had a meaningful impact on his life and birthed a passion for helping those who are the most vulnerable and in need.

Trey Richardson, Faith Advisor


Trey is a trained, experienced, and skilled Biblical counselor who walks out his passion for prayer and pastoral care by overseeing Small Groups and the prayer team for P82 Homes. He compassionately counsels couples and individuals at Center Church in Gilbert, Arizona. Trey and his wife, Charlotte, also lead the women’s ministry, have 4 married children and 14 grandchildren who bring them great joy – especially when they are all together!

Richard Corcilius, Member


Bio coming soon.

Micalann Corcilius, Member


Bio coming soon.

Our Beliefs

God sent Jesus into an imperfect world. A world with brokenness, illness, and sin. 

Jesus often engaged lovingly with people who had “fallen through the cracks” of the social systems of his day. 

Jesus did not shy away from the situation. He engaged these people with love and compassion. 

Jesus awed the people of his day by creating meaningful connections with lepers, with outcasts, and with the broken. He connected with epileptics and those we would describe today as suffering from “mental illness.”

We believe followers of Jesus are called to emulate Jesus’ example when it comes to engaging with those suffering from the effects of serious mental illness.

Churches are full of imperfect, broken people. Just like in Jesus’ day. Even those suffering from serious mental illness.

We believe mental illness is not something to be afraid of. It’s an opportunity to more fully engage with the mission of Jesus for our city and our world.

We believe those suffering from mental illness fit the value propagated by James 1:27.

Like widows and orphans, those suffering from serious mental illness are those who “fall outside the lines” of conventional support systems. They need help, compassion, and love. If we exclude them from our churches and social support systems, we fail to show the love of Jesus.

In offering help and compassion to those who cannot speak for themselves, as well as their loved ones, we connect them to the hope of the gospel amid the storms of mental illness. As we do so, we believe we are honoring the message and example of Jesus.

We believe the church can be a place of acceptance, of healing, and a place of inclusion for all people, including those suffering from serious mental illness.

It’s the way Jesus modeled for us.

We believe in the sufficiency of scripture for all circumstances, even serious mental illness. God is not limited by a diagnosis, nor is a person defined by it.

America’s mental health system is set up for those who can ask for help. A small percentage of people who suffer with serious mental illness are so sick they cannot access care for themselves. 

As Christ followers, we desire to answer the call of James 1:27:

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

When our son began to struggle with serious mental illness, our church did not shy away from entering our messy situation. 

Our story was unique. 

We’ve heard from many other families whose experience was quite different. This broke our hearts. 

P82 homes began as a way to spread our positive experience with our local church to other churches in order to equip them to better serve families suffering from mental illness and recapture the heart of Jesus for the broken, the outcasts, and the suffering.

We exist to help churches serve vulnerable, marginalized people who have nowhere else to go. We desire to bridge the gap between local churches, families suffering from serious mental illness, and professional mental health services. 

Jesus was a master at bringing hope and healing in the most difficult of circumstances. We hope to do the same for those suffering from the effects of serious mental illness.

You are not alone!

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