Creating a hopeful future for families affected by mental illness.

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You are not alone.

We envision a future where families suffering from the effects of a loved one’s mental illness will no longer suffer alone, finding supportive relationships and practical resources to create a hopeful future for their family.

How We Help

Crisis Care Team Training

Helping churches help the vulnerable through training on how local churches can create Crisis Teams.

Caregiver Support Meetings

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The P82 Resource Library

We’ve created some amazing resources to help you on your journey with mental illness. Look through our library to find resources like “How to Navigate the AZ System” or our “Mental Illness Book List.

silhouette of person sitting on bench near body of water during daytime
silhouette of person sitting on bench near body of water during daytime

Capital Campaign

Our federal and state governments have had over 60 years to build an appropriate safety net for the seriously mentally ill. Instead, they offload the ones who need help the most and are least able to speak for themselves. Partner with us in Raising Hope! Together, let’s open a home that exists to bring possibility, connection, understanding, and practical support to men who battle against serious mental illness.

Join us in reaching the goal of raising $250,000 by the end of year 1, and at least $1,000,000 bythe end of 2024. This is no small task, but with your help, lives can be changed!

Help us bring hope.

P82 Project Restoration exists to bring help, encouragement, and support to individuals and families suffering from mental illness. We are a Christ-based non-profit organization that provides hope, encouragement, and practical advice for families as they navigate the mental health care system.

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