Matthew and Deborah Geesling founded P82 Project Restoration in 2015 with the dream of opening homes for those with Serious Mental Illness (SMI). This vision to provide mental health care for those suffering from SMI involved including their families, existing social networks, churches, etc. rather than separating them.

As the Geeslings navigated the mental health care system to find the best possible care for their son, P82 Homes was birthed to provide hope, assistance, and information to other families.

The Geeslings have met countless families over the years who have experienced the despair, confusion, and pain that come from parenting a child suffering from SMI while simultaneously navigating a mental health care system that often unintentionally separates children from their parents and supportive family structures. They have seen hope and healing result from these connections time and time again.
The Geeslings believe strong partnerships between families, the mental health care system, and faith-based communities are essential ingredients for long term success to care for those recovering from SMI.

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