crisis care training

Moving Toward Families at Risk as a Faith Community


Places of worship are often the first point of contact for people struggling with complex difficulties. Conversely, families facing significant needs can often feel isolated and alone. They may not know how to reach out or believe they are not welcome in our faith groups. As a faith community, we may not understand how to identify the signs of a "family at risk" or where to connect them to more appropriate resources that move beyond our calling and expertise.

What if our places of worship could learn how to come along side of individuals and families in crisis with deliberate, coordinated care? And what if we could assist people, with confidence and compassion, who are battling against a serious mental illness?

Through our training we will help churches in the following areas:

  • Raising the level of awareness about families at risk
  • Recognizing early warning signs to prevent a crisis

  • Responding to individuals and families at risk in a compassionate and confident way

  • Resourcing families beyond the scope of a church’s capability

  • Running long distance with people who have significant needs

We are currently in the second phase of development on this training, more information coming early 2019!