Don't know where to begin? Start with the Caregiver Bill of Rights.


In 2016, Arizona's legislature passed the first of its kind Bill of Rights Resolution for families, caregivers, and guardians of individuals with a serious mental illness. With unanimous consent, the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives affirmed the crucial role that caregivers play in accessing care for their loved one.

A Resolution is not a Bill. It will not be signed into Law by your Governor and become statute. However, a Resolution can be a very important tool in educating your lawmakers regarding the needs of this fragile population. It also gives voice to families in your community who can testify before prominent committees at your state's Capitol.


You had dreams. Not one of those dreams involved your loved one being sentenced to a life long battle against a debilitating brain disorder. You raised your child with great hopes for their future. You loved your father, your sister, despite insurmountable and painful challenges - despite having little to no help or support. You suffer in silence and often endure unjust circumstances. You feel invisible. But you are not invisible, you're a hero. You don't need lawmakers to tell you how special you are, because it's already true. But here's the thing, it's pretty nice when they do.