COVID, Isolation and Serious Mental Illness. How You Can Bring True Hope.

I get a general sense that most people I speak with want to “do something” about helping our seriously mentally ill neighbors. We see the people on our streets and we donate to homeless shelters or offer to volunteer and pass out food. These are good and obvious ways to respond, but how do we think about and move forward in terms of addressing the more daunting issue of isolation?

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Where is God in My Suffering?

Sometimes the pain from battling a serious mental illness can be overwhelming. Whether you have a mental illness or love someone who struggles, it can feel like you are walking in complete darkness at times. Questions and confusion may swirl in your head each...

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The Seriously Mentally Ill: A Time To Build Up

As the Fourth of July weekend draws near in this unsettling time, I am engulfed in a wide range of emotions. I don’t need to name all of the difficult circumstances we have faced as a nation these past few months, we are all experiencing pain from one degree to...

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