Weekend Reading

A small gathering of recommended reads:

"Dreams of My Uncle," by Howard Husock asks the question, "Are we treating the mentally ill better today than we did a century ago?" The answer may surprise you.

Mother shares her struggle in accessing treatment for son who has mental illness. She lives in a county in California where Assisted Outpatient Treatment is not available. Thousands of families across the nation face this heart breaking dilemma. 

Speaking of Assisted Outpatient Treatment, New York state lawmakers fail to come to a decision on making Kendra's Law permanent this week.

A story from Louisiana directly related to the fall-out of HUD's decision to end Federal funding for transitional housing in favor of "Housing First."

A story from the Southwest, "The new asylums: How Utah traps the mentally ill behind bars."

For a little background on the "Housing First" model, "The Tragedy of Housing Compassion" by a couple of moms in the trenches.