It's Time to Give Light Again: Thanksgiving 2017

Give light Thanksgiving.jpg

Last year we had this thought just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, "What if we invited people to simply give $5 toward Fry's gift cards for group homes that serve people with serious mental illness?" It's a good thing we acted on that thought because our community really came through. You gave $700.00 in just a few short days, enough to provide hearty meals for 16 homes! Thank you!

frys cards.jpg

Because you care and want to make a difference (and due to the fact that we're not really rocket scientists around here) suffice it to say, we're going to do it again. Holidays can be such a difficult time for individuals who suffer from serious brain disorders, especially if they are not connected to family or to our community.

Please join us again (or for the very first time) to make this Thanksgiving, 2017, a little brighter. Go to our secure donation section here and select "Thanksgiving: Give Light" on the "My donation is for" option.

You are making a difference! Thank you!

(Photos from Thanksgiving 2016)