Why Does My Faith Group Need Crisis Care Team Training?

Pastors, faith leaders and places of worship are often the first point of contact for people struggling with complex difficulties. All too often churches are not equipped with resources for crisis situations that move beyond the scope of their expertise. Conversely, people who have significant needs can often feel isolated in hopelessness and shame. They may not know how to reach out or feel they are not welcome into our faith groups.

So, how do we change this? Crisis Care Team Training is a good place to begin.

Come join us on Saturday, September 24 from 9:00 - 12:00 noon for the first of its kind, "Caring for Families in Crisis" training for Faith Leaders. The Gilbert BHSU Coalition will be presenting material & resources for faith groups to develop their own Crisis Care Teams.

The special focus will be on individuals and families effected by Serious Mental Illness. However, the curriculum can be adapted to most crisis situations.

This Crisis Care Team training and tools are the result of countless hours of painful and educational experience of families and professionals, compiled by the Mayors’ Behavioral Health and Substance Use Task Force of the Honorable John Lewis, and Mayor Jenn Daniels of Gilbert, Arizona.

Not only will we be presenting training, but we will have numerous resources available for you to connect with. Organizations represented by persons from the Mayor's BHSU task team will include Gilbert Public Schools, Gilbert Police, Gilbert Fire, the Town of Gilbert, P82 Project Restoration, CCYSA, Renaissance Recovery Center, Marc Community Resources, AHCCCS, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, LDS, Saint Mary's and many more...

For more information and to RSVP, please go here.

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