Our early days began with advocacy for our own son and others. Through this experience we learned where many cracks in the mental illness system occur and where we hope to fill some of those gaps through our organization. 

Last November (2015) we were invited by Parents for Care to attend a panel discussion, dinner and Symposium on Schizophrenia at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a wonderful two days of learning from top researchers and doctors in the field. We also spent time meeting other advocates and family members from across the country. I was asked to speak about our efforts in Arizona to raise awareness about the needs of individuals with persistent mental illnesses and what we would like to accomplish to meet some of those needs


Over a year ago we received our Non Profit, Charitable 501(c)3 status thanks to our early supporters, including this amazing group of ladies from Sovereign Grace Church in Gilbert, AZ. They held a garage sale to assist in collecting the needed funds to apply. A whopping grand total of $1,264.75 was raised toward this end! We are so grateful for our community partners! 

Speaking of community partners, one of our past projects involved a collaboration with The Carpenter's Blessings to give presents to men with serious mental illness at a group home. Often these men receive nothing at Christmas and Easter, we want them to know that they matter. 

As a community, into the community. It all begins with us!