The Little Start-Up Org. That Could...


(Originally sent out in our newsletter series)

Welcome to our very first Newsletter! A little over 2 years ago my husband and I set up a Gofundme account asking friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers to invest in a dream to open a home for men with persistent mental illness in Arizona. We were, and still are in many ways, stunned by the response. Words are truly inadequate to express our gratitude for the compassion and generosity expressed through your monetary gifts, encouragement, support and prayers. Thank you.

So much has happened in these past 2 years to confirm that this is more than a mere dream. Here is our small attempt to communicate just a few of the highlights.



Building Bridges

We are excited to announce the addition of Bob Campbell to our Board of Directors. Bob's background includes 48 years in corporate IT and the last ten with a non-profit organization in the Phoenix area. He is active in church service, including 25 years as choir director. Bob has been the sole caregiver for his wife with a brain illness for the past 8 years. Currently he volunteers as a database consultant for a mission agency as well as an adviser to P82 Project Restoration, Inc. 

Additionally, Bob Campbell will be chairing a Committee tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of Crisis Care Team training for faith groups. As part of Gilbert Mayor John Lewis's Behavioral Health and Substance Use Task Force last year, we held two pilot training events in an effort to resource the faith community and family members. P82 Project Restoration, Inc. is honored to take this important work under our umbrella as we continue the endeavor of equipping the community about how to care for families at risk. 

"As a community,
into the community"

Through a collaboration with Marc Community Resources, Joel Anderson (a Phoenix Fire Fighter) taught several men how to make five different meals for $10. Often, due to the age that the onset of illness begins, these skills (meal planning, budgeting & cooking) are missed. Our hope is to continue collaboration with community members to fill these important gaps. Not to mention, it's fun to make new friends! Thank you Joel!

Speaking of collaborations, we held a mini fund raiser this year called "Give Light." Although we do not have our own home yet, we specifically raised funds to provide grocery gift cards for men and women who reside in various group homes throughout the Phoenix area. Many of these individuals do not have family or friends to spend the Holidays with. We wanted them to know they are not forgotten and we wanted them to have a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Boy, did YOU ever respond! We raised a grand total of $715 to that end! Thank You!


Partner Spotlight: 

Meet Dawn and George. We wanted to know why someone would invest with us so early in the process of starting up a Non profit organization when we had nothing to offer but willing and empty hands. So, we posed this question to one of our faithful partners, and here's what they had to say in their own words:

"Family has always been a top priority in our lives. But not just family ~ family members with various disabilities that include blindness, severe depression, encephalitis/brain damage and heart defects. Through these experiences, God instilled a "soft spot" inside both of us for those suffering and in need of compassion and care. We are obligated to "do unto others as we would have others do unto us." When Dawn's nephew was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, it was not a question of if we would try to help, but how.

Dawn's sister (Deborah), unfortunately has had to become an expert on serious mental illness. Her heart is for the "least of these" and her desire is to provide a place of hope, restoration and dignity in a home. And, it's not just for her son, but for others in the same life circumstances, that is her big heart. We want to be a part of that vision. Not only do we want to help our family, but we want to reach out to others affected by serious mental illness and their families ~ to be agents of mercy and grace, compassion and kindness, hope and love. Luke 12:48 says, "...from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked." We have been given so much, this is just a small part we can play in giving to assist others with their great needs."

We are so grateful for Dawn and George, and for so many others who have invested with a heart of compassion for the hurting! You are the heart and soul behind our humble beginnings. We could not do this with YOU!

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